OJC’s Annual Start of Summer picnic/bar-b-que took place on Sunday, July 2nd at Sarsons Beach. Spectacular weather enabled everyone to thoroughly enjoy the event, one another’s company and the delicious food that was both supplied and brought by members. The OJC took the opportunity to say “thank you” to Rabbi Tom for his time with us and wish him all the best on his future endeavours. President Laura McPheeters presented Rabbi with a card and gift from the community. Very special thanks to Mondy Challmie and Misty Smith for arranging, shopping, transporting and working the bar-b-que! Hope to see you all out again for our repeat Summer event at Sarson’s Beach on Sunday, August 27th.

Future Jewish Olympians filled the Kelowna Curling Club on Saturday for a fantastic afternoon of curling and Tacos. We began with a quick lesson from our seasoned curler, Bob Levin, and then divided into 6 teams across 3 sheets of ice for 2 hours as “hurry hards” and “SWEEP” echoed in the arena. The event concluded with Taco’s, beverages and lots of laughs. Thank you to everyone that attended and looking forward to having this event once again in the fall.

Natalie, Laura, Barb and Steven
TEAM OJC, Don and Judith

This year’s Tu B’Shevat seder was enjoyed by all.  We celebrated the New Year of the Trees with the eating of fruits grown in Israel and the drinking of different shades of wine to signify the four seasons.  We told stories, sang songs, and discussed the importance of trees in Israel and the world.  Spirits were high and everyone had a great time together.

Sunday morning was an absolutely gorgeous day filled with sunshine as about 35 friends gathered to celebrate Sukkot. Thank you to everyone for sharing in the simcha of building, covering and decorating our Sukkah. Rabbi Tom also led us in song and introduced us all to the tradition of shaking the lulav and the joyous citrus smell of the etrog.

Chag Sameach

OJC’s 2nd Summer BBQ of the year took place on August 28th at the Mission Activity Center on Sarsons Beach. The weather was fabulous and over 60 guests thoroughly enjoyed the event. Everyone was treated to the exquisite BBQ skills of Mondy Challmie and Nuri Fisher. Thank you to them both for the delicious food that was grilled to perfection. Very special thanks to Mondy Challmie for arranging, shopping and transporting the OJC food along with all our guests that brought extra treats to make it a successful event Hope to see you all out for the High Holidays and an early Shana Tova.

The OJC had its first social function in nearly TWO years on Saturday February 19 at Stuart Park outdoor skating rink. Thank you to the many friends that joined us to skate, kibbutz and hang out enjoying warm hot chocolate and coffee. Initially the weather was not ideal but within a short time it was a beautiful sunny and quite setting for everyone to enjoy… We even learned that a large contingent in our community speak Spanish. It was really exciting to see so many families and we are looking forward to being able to get together again very soon.