Brit Milah

Brit Milah (also known as “Bris” in Yiddish) is the term for a boy’s ritual circumcision on day 8 of life. This is a traditional Jewish ritual dating back to Abraham, where it is written in Genesis 17:10, “This is my Covenant, which ye shall keep, between Me an you and thy seed after thee: every male among you shall be circumcised.”

OJC is available to help with fulfilling this Mitzvah by giving support and guidance to the family as needed, and helping to contact a “mohel” to perform the Brit Milah. The ceremony can be done at home or at the Community Centre as per the desires of the family. It is often an event that is culminated with a celebratory meal (Seudat Mitzvah).

Please contact OJC office for further information.