Bat & Bar Mitzvah

Bat and Bar Mitzvahs have been celebrated regularly over the last many years at OJC. These events take place commonly during a Shabbat service or at any other time that the Torah is taken out to be read. The ceremony represents a “coming to age” as the Bat/Bar Mitzvah gets called up for an Aliyah to the Torah, and then takes his place as an adult member of the Community.

OJC can help out in arranging the training of the Bat/Bar Mitzvah, which often goes on for many months prior to the Ceremony. The congregation strongly supports the child and family during this incredible journey. The event often culminates with a social reception to which the congregation is invited.

Please review our B’Nai Mitzvah planning booklet:

For further information about planning a Bat/Bar Mitzvah, please contact the OJC office.