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 Welcome to the Okanagan Jewish Community Association (OJCA)


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Office Hours : Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9-12  

To Arrange an appointment please email: or call 250-862-2305

If you require immediate attention then call: David Spevakow 250-317-5283

The OJCA is a Synagogue (Beth Shalom Synagogue) and Community Centre (OJCC) located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in kelowna, British Columbia. With a diverse membership consisting of Jews with Orthodox, Conservative and Reform backgrounds, the Okanagan Jewish community has

styled itself to conduct its services and celebrate holidays in an all inclusive fashion. As a result of the strength which this diversity brings, the OJCA has evolved to be a progressive Jewish community with a growing and enthusiastic membership. As well, the OJCA has historically maintained an active involvement and a strong presence in the mainstream of the culturally diverse Okanagan community at large.      


Upcoming Services: December 9/10

Rabbi Shaul Osadchey

Friday December 9:

5:30pm - Community Potluck Dinner at OJC

7:00pm - Shabbat Services


Saturday December 10:

10:00am - Morning Services

Dairy Potluck Lunch to follow

Hanukkah Party:

Monday, December 12, 2016

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Dairy Potluck

Everyone Welcome!


Why Monday, December 12?  With so many families away during winter break, the Hanukkah party will be organized two weeks early. Children in the Hebrew school regularly meet Mondays, so we will be hosting a celebration for the community on this date. 


Songs, dreidels and lighting of menorahs! Sufganiyot will be served. Hanukkah gelt and dreidels for the kids!


What to bring:

•Latkes! Or other food dishes

•Menorahs! We will be lighting all the candles and saying the appropriate blessings. (Even though this is not Hanukkah time)



Visit the OJC or Bed Bath and Beyond (Image Below) for all your Hanukkah supplies this year. 



I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer and are beginning to gear up for the fall!

Hebrew classes will be as follows:
3:45 - 5:00

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me,
Natalie Spevakow (Hebrew School Coordinator)

Ask the Rabbi: Rabbi Shaul Osadchey

As part of the Bridging Mountains Project, Rabbi Shaul Osadchey has offered to reach out to our community for any questions we may have about Judiasim, The Torah, Israel or General Jewish Life. Please click here to contact Rabbi and don't be shy.






Gesher HaHar: Bridging the Mountains

A Pilot Project of Collaboration

Beth Tzedec Congregation & OJCA

Every Jewish community regardless of size or locale serves as an important thread woven into the tapestry of the Jewish People.  The diversity of the Jewish experience enriches Jewish religious and cultural practices as it expands the Jewish capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing world.  Beth Tzedec (Calgary) on the east side of the Canadian Rockies and the Okanagan Jewish Community Association (OJCA) on the western side share a common Jewish milieu in the setting of the independent and individualist spirit of Western Canada. 


NEXT BETH TZEDEC VISITOR: Rabbi Osadchey - December 9 and 10


The Benefits of Gesher HaHar: Pilot Project of Collaboration is that it enhances the resources of our smaller community so that it can be a viable setting for the celebration of Jewish life while it challenges the established to act on the important mitzvah of sustaining Klah Yisrael- Jewish Peoplehood.


Please click here for further details about our project or call David Spevakow: 250-317-5283